Community Food Program

serving families in Queen Anne's County

Many volunteers are needed during our WORK WEEK!

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If you are in need of food to prepare for your Thanksgiving Dinner, please go to the Contact Page!

Neighbors in the community purchase and pack up non-perishable fixin's along with a frozen turkey! The food is delivered to your home the Saturday before Thanksgiving.


Food Drive donations should be non-perishable. All donated food gets used to supplement family boxes, and any left overs get distributed to local churches that give food on a regular basis.

Schools, Groups, Businesses, Small Churches, we love when you help with a FOOD DRIVE!!


Displaying Turkey Tags          

Choosing Turkey Tags to fill

Organizing Food Drives * Collecting Grocery Gift Cards

Helping with "WORK WEEK" November 16-20

Setting up,  Receiving Family Boxes,

Clean up Team, Turkey Truck Team. 

Delivery Day Sign Outs and Delivery Team. Always in need of :Go For's!