Community Food Program

serving families in Queen Anne's County

FEED A FAMILY grew out of a Thanksgiving Food Program organized by Kent Island United Methodist Church in Chester, MD....

It has grown over the years, including more churches, businesses, and organizations ready to help our neighbors in need. 

 We are a faith-based ministry that depends on the support of the local community in every way! While we help some folks with food, we also give others the opportunity to serve one another at the beginning of a season of gratefulness and giving!

Through the generosity of the community we are able to help other groups with their Christmas Food Baskets, help weekly food pantries and give to the local Back Pack Program.

Why us?

We are not connected to any county or state agency, or receive grants to accomplish the task at hand.....

FEED A FAMILY encourages all the churches, in our community, that get requests for help to work together so that we have one data base of those calling for help. Everyone is invited to volunteer, still having a hands on opportunity to share God's love with their neighbor!

FEED A FAMILY also takes the burden off the local churches and food banks at the beginning of a season of great need.

By working together at the Holidays, the outreaches can budget their food and finances for another day. That's Good!